Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Am A Creature In Need Of A Savior

Imagine that you're writing a story. You have a character in mind: you've named them, figured out what they'll look like, what they'll think and believe, how they'll react in different situations - even how they'll regard your part in their life. You carefully consider every part of their being before you breathe into them. You give them little bits and pieces of yourself so they're like you, and they bring you joy because you created them in your mind - they are YOURS and no one else's. You love them and want what's best for them. You decide to give them what they need - family, friends, food, clothing, shelter, work - so they are happy and cared for. But you want more for them. You want them to show others what you are like, but they are only a slight reflection of who you are. They need to learn, to change, to grow more in your likeness. But in order to do so they have to make their own choices. So you give them free will. Once they're ready, you place them where they belong in the story and take pleasure in their existence as you watch them marvel at all that you've given them. But they don't marvel for long. With their free will, they take the gifts and run away, spitting in your face on the way out. They begin to behave in a manner that's unlike you. They steal, cheat, lie, and disregard your desires for their life. They only care about what they want. You no longer matter.

How do you feel? What do you think about your character? Are they a lost cause? Do you destroy them and start over? Or are you so full of love and mercy that you find a way to restore them?

This illustration, which I believe is God-inspired, came to me in the midst of one of my creative writing bouts. I found myself pondering it endlessly as I wrote and came to the realization that it was not just a random comparison. God was revealing to me the true nature of His character through the very talent and passion with which He had gifted me.

I am reminded of this amazing and humbling truth every time I write - or even think about writing. Placing myself in God's position as the one in charge of authoring someone's destiny has allowed me to better see myself through His eyes. I was not created by chance or by accident or for no reason. I was created with a purpose by a loving God who has nothing but my best interest in mind. Oh, how I need to seek Him and His plan for my life!