Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dexcom Appointment

 photo 10-9-14_zps354c7ac8.jpg

My appointment with Carrie went really well.  She really liked how I printed out my Dexcom readings.  It gave her a day by day glance at my roller coaster ride with the corresponding insulin doses and carbohydrate intakes. 

She made a few changes:
  1. Increased my midnight basal from 10 to 12 units (and told me to watch to see if any lows come about)
  2. Took me off my simvastatin drug (yay!)
  3. Told me to be careful not to over-correct when low or high (because a few of my high peaks were from doing just that)
  4. Told me to take a partial (rather than a full) insulin dose before bed and to eat enough carbs while exercising in order to prevent lows
 They didn't test my A1C this time but Carrie said that since my average BG (blood glucose/sugar) is at 196 and it was around 232 at my last appointment that I've made good progress!
  photo A1CChart_zpsc38edd1f.jpg                  
My next appointment isn't until January 8 (1pm) so I won't have an official A1C check until then, but according to my A1C chart an average BG of 196 is 8.5!