Friday, February 27, 2015

Am I making progress?

 It's so good to see where I'm going again!
 photo 2-27-15_zpsjkjpwkke.jpg

Trends I've noticed:
I have pretty steady overnight numbers still.
I seem to drop between 12pm and 6pm, even without a lunch bolus, but that's okay because I tend to go up before 12pm when I give myself my Levemir shot.

I also was given this pretty nifty equation that seems to line up almost on par with the A1C chart I have for myself.  Here is the chart: 
 photo IMG_20150119_154803_zps1479d455-1.jpg

Here is the A1C Equation:
14 day average + 46.7 = Number / 28.7 = A1C

My current 14 day average is 200mg/dl. 

According to the equation, it would play out like this:

200 + 46.7 = 246.7 / 28.7 = 8.59, or 8.6%. 

According to my chart, an average BG of 200mg/dl is 8.6%. 

So now I know I can kind of use my 14 day average, as well as the Success Report in my Dexcom Software, to keep track of my A1C.  I can't wait to see if I've made any progress at my next appointment!  Only 5 more weeks to go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back in business!

My complimentary sensor from Dexcom arrived today!  I put it in right away and started my sensor session.  In about 2 hours it'll be calibrated and ready to go!

  photo IMG_20150225_163409_zpsoxv5osk2.jpg

I also got a call from Edgepark.  Insurance will cover about half of the cost once I meet my deductible (or 3 boxes worth of sensors).  I scheduled one box of sensors to be shipped on Friday.  If I'd had the money I would've ordered 3 but I'll have to go one month at a time for now.  I'm just so happy to have my Dexcom working for me again!   


Also, apparently, now my thyroid levels are low.  You know what that means!  New dosage!  Down from 150mcg to 137mcg...I didn't even know it came in a dose like that!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Target Range and Labwork

I was able to go in for labwork yesterday and was told that they'd have the results later tonight or tomorrow morning.  Carrie wanted to double check my thyroid levels to make sure the 150mcg dose was enough.

I also asked about my blood sugar target range (because somehow that never seemed to get set for me at my previous appointments) and now have some number guides to help me.

80-120 pre-meals
Under 180 2 hours after meals
Around 150 at bedtime

I've been told the 80-120 target range is optimal for non-diabetics, and lines up with an A1C of 4.4 - 5.8%, just for reference. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Edgepark contacted me today and said that they are still waiting on the authorization from my insurance.  They recommended that I call Dexcom and ask for some complimentary sensors to tide me over until they can get things squared away.  I called Dexcom right away and they'll be sending me some in the mail this week. 
I'm praying that insurance will cover my sensors completely like the representative said they might.  I just can't wait to be out of this dark Dexcom-less tunnel!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still waiting...

I'm still waiting to hear back from Edgepark.  They were trying to get my insurance processed last I heard from them.  They said they'd call me but I think I'm going to call them on Monday to see if there's been any progress.  I really really dislike being without my Dexcom.

Speaking of which...

I'd really like this Dexcom Skin they have for sale at  I bought my Dexcom G4 in Pink because that was the closest color they had to purple, but if I can make my Dexcom purple, that's what I'd rather have!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Waiting in the Dark...Again

I feel like I do worse with my numbers without my Dexcom.  Maybe it's because I can't see them in action and I don't know what they are doing at any given time unless I test myself.  I hate being in the dark. 

I am waiting to hear back from Edgepark Medical Supply Company about whether my sensors will be covered by my insurance through them.  I am completely without sensors until I get approved.  I've been continuing to use my Dexcom as a log book (by inputting my BG numbers, carbs, and insulin amounts) and that's what this graph I'm sure you know, the red dots are my BG numbers.

 photo 2-16-15_zpskx8p0ipn.jpg

The last 3 days have been awful, and I feel awful.  I really don't want to mess up my A1C!  I'm also supposed to go in for labs this week.  Thankfully, they are not fasting labs.  I'm going to wait until this winter mess clears up a little before I go in...maybe Wednesday. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dexcom Update

I received notification of a software update for my Dexcom receiver.  Since it required that all of my data be erased and my Dexcom be returned to factory defaults I opted to print all of my numbers before they were lost.  I removed my last sensor (since it was falling out anyway and unbearably itchy!) and am now waiting for the update to be completed.

Yesterday I got a call from the Dexcom rep who had been waiting to hear back about my insurance coverage.  Seems my new insurance will not cover my Dexcom directly through their company, so we're going to try running it through a different medical supply company. 

Update was completed successfully.  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until I can get more sensors...please let the insurance get sorted out quickly, Lord!