Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Completely Disappointed

This morning I received word that due to an emergency, Carrie had to reschedule the appointment I had with her this Thursday.  Due to me starting work next week, it ended up having to be pushed back to July 21!  I'm still going in for labs this week, so maybe I'll get the results before my appointment, but I'm still majorly disappointed.  I was really looking forward to this appointment with her.

My numbers have remained in the 130 mg/dl average range so that's good, but I'd still like to try to get them lower.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Countdown to Dr. Appointment

With 9 days to go until my appointment, the excitement and suspense are building! 

Taken this morning, here's how my average is looking:

 photo 6-23-15 Stats_zpsadl2lg0o.jpg

An average BG of 133 = 6.3% by my endo's chart, and 5.9% by Dr. Bernstein's chart.
From December to March, my average was 186 (or an A1C of 192 in March, which was an 8.3 / 7.6%).

I wonder how much lower I can get it in 9 days...hmmmm....

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Low Carb VS. High Carb

I want this to be a vivid reminder of why high carb diets do not work for diabetics, and why I struggled for 17+ years with wild roller coaster numbers.

From 12am until 6pm (18 hours), my blood sugars stayed steady under 100.  All I ate at 10am was 3 hard boiled eggs mixed in some sour cream.  My meal bolus of 2 units covered the protein perfectly.
 photo 8ed938a0-1e60-4051-b6dd-907490546440_zpszvbsr4q5.jpg

For dinner, my husband and I celebrated the week's victories at Outback.  At 6pm, I had half a plate of cheesy fries (50g - 5 units), a house salad with tomatoes, cheese, and vinegar & oil, a 9 oz Outback Sirloin (4 units), and steamed broccoli.  I drank water throughout the whole meal.  For dessert I splurged with a mini Strawberry Milkshake (30g - 3 units).  I estimated the carbs as best I could and bolused what I thought would be enough to cover them, including the protein in my steak.  This was the result.  
 photo 6-13-15_zps0azi9oxn.jpg

I went up to almost 200 2-3 times.  It took 18 hours to come back down, even with multiple corrections.  This is why I don't do carbs anymore.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekly Stats - Awesome Improvement!

I'm just so excited I had to share!  (Have I declared my love for the Dexcom Studio software yet?  I don't know what I'd do without this device, or this data!  This is huge to me!)

 photo 6-6-15 weekly stats_zpsbrkpmioc.jpg
Again, the blue line is this week, red line is last week.

Last week, May 24 - 30, my average BG was 150.
This week, May 31 - June 6, my average BG was 110.

Last week, I was 54% in target (and 43% high).
This week, I was 90% in target (and 8% high).

My target range is currently set at 65 - 150, though I try to correct when I see that I'm up around 130.  Technically, since 83 mg/dl is my target number, I correct for every 50 mg/dl my BG is over that number, so at 133 mg/dl, I correct with 1 unit of Apidra.
In case you didn't know, 140 mg/dl is the threshold of when nerve damage begins.
 My blood sugars the past week:
  photo 6-6-15 daily trends_zpsnv4gatfa.jpg

I've found that 3 units of Levemir 3 times a day doesn't seem to be enough.  June 3rd, the day I tried it, I seemed to run higher than the days I tried 5 units 3 times a day.  I've been sticking with 5 units and I've seen great success!
 photo 6-6-15 hourly trends_zps20yem2d2.jpg
Also, my numbers at noon and midnight have evened out and I no longer have those weird rises in my blood sugar.  I'm definitely loving this 3 injection Levemir cycle, even if it means I have to set an alarm at 8am for my shot. 

So, where does this put me in terms of A1C?  Well, since my test will be taken the beginning of July, it will only count the 3 months before that, so June, May, and April.  Currently, my Dexcom Studio software is saying that my quarterly BG average is around 145, so that puts me at:
an Endo A1C of 6.7%
a Dr. Bernstein A1C of 6.2%.

Remember my last A1C in March?
8.3% (192 mg/dl)
7.6% (193 mg/dl).

That's 47 mg/dl lower and a 1.6 / 1.4 point decrease in my A1C!

I'm hoping to keep these good numbers going from now on and hopefully my real A1C when it's tested will be even better than these figures!  What do you think my A1C will be in a month?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Perfect numbers

Since trying the new Levemir injection cycle I have not seen any major rises in my blood sugar! 

The yellow line is for yesterday and the orange line is today's blood sugar trends.
 photo 6-2-15_zps0jnljbqy.jpg

Yesterday I followed this injection cycle:
12am - 7 units
8am - 7 units
4pm - 7 units

12:30am - 7 units
8am - 5 units (due to some lows overnight, I decided to try a lower dose.  I think I can go as low as 3 units based on my body weight)
At 4pm, I think I'll take another 5 units and see how it does, then try 5 units at midnight and see if I have any more lows.  Overall, I am thrilled to see my numbers staying under 140! 

 photo 6-2-15 stats_zpsgr4s0anb.jpg

My numbers have stayed between 59 and 134 the past two days, averaging in the low 90s!

Isn't that awesome!?  I love the Dexcom Studio software and how it lets me keep track of all this data!  Normally I'm not a math girl but this is the kind of math I don't mind so much!