Sunday, June 30, 2019

A1C comparison - Dr. B vs. Endo

I thought it would be interesting to re-compare (because I'm sure I've done this in the past) my A1C using the formula Dr. Bernstein (Dr. B) uses and the one my endo's office uses.

Dr.  B's A1C Chart

My A1C using Dr. B's chart:
Dr. B's A1C Values
Endo A1C chart

My A1C using my endo's chart:
Endo's A1C Values

Same line and same average blood sugar values, different A1C value.  Hmmm...
Technically, my A1C would be lower with Dr. B's chart.  That definitely makes me feel better.  Why can't we all agree to use the same chart?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New receiver and appointment time

On Saturday I got my new receiver in the mail.  I compared it to my old one for about a day and it seemed to be spot on.  New one got the purple shinies put on it.  Old one has the pink.

Today I had my appointment with Carrie. 

A1C went up to 7.2%...ugh. 
TSH is low again at 0.117.  I'll have to tell Jackie this before my next lab appointment with her in early July. 
Cholesterol...don't even get me started.  Surprisingly it came back lower than Jackie's lab.  Hmm.  But Carrie tried to push oats, of all things.  Nope nope nope.  I'll keep taking my fish oil, eat more salmon, and work on my thyroid and blood sugars. 

I told her I am noticing a feet-on-the-floor rise in the morning, unless that's the Levemir wearing off as normal.  I'm also seeing a rise in the afternoon right before my 4pm Levemir shot.  I told her I'd do some basal testing.  Maybe I need R in the afternoon with lunch to help with that, or I need to space out my Levemir more?  I don't know.  That's what I've got to figure out.  She seemed okay with that, knowing that I'm comfortable with Levemir and how it works. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New Dexcom Receiver - Ordered!

For the past few months my Dexcom Receiver has been giving me error messages, doing system checks constantly, and frankly driving me insane.  I finally got a hold of tech support and they said the receiver is out of warranty and that I'll have to order a new one. 

After trying to figure out if I needed to have my doctor submit a new RX for it or not, I ended up calling Byram (my new medical supply company) and just placing the order myself.  It will go through insurance and I should hopefully have it soon.  Maybe a week?  Depends.  But as long as I can keep my old one running until then I should be good. 

Perhaps I'll upgrade to the G5 later in the future but for now I'm sticking with the G4. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thyroid values with LC PCP

Lab work results from low carb PCP. TSH is 10, up from 0.16 in April. Still on the same dose - 90mg/day of Armour. She increased it to 120mg and wants to retest in a month to see if we over shot it. Looking back at my past thyroid labs, I seem to shoot up in the summer months - 48, 95 for TSH the past two years.

Cholesterol - I told her I'm not worried but would be interested in a particle size test. I told her no statins - they raise my BG, give me muscle weakness, and I'm not on birth control. She asked what Dr. B would say about my cholesterol. 

Had to argue with her about my 7% A1C - she said it was good, I said No, it's double normal. She asked what I meant. I told her 4.5 was normal and that under 5.5 was my goal. She tried to tell me it was too dangerous, but I told her 40 to 400 is too dangerous. I want to be 80-120. I told her Dr. B has been Type 1 with an A1C of 4.5 for decades and that she should check his book, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Hopefully she will, but I really just need her to help with thyroid and write insulin rxs for me since I'm dumping my endo.