Monday, December 29, 2014

Dexcom Adventures - Thwarted Again!

The week before Christmas, as we were preparing for our trip to MD to visit hubby's family, I realized that the sensors I was ordering would be shipped to an empty house for the holidays unless I had them shipped to the in-laws'.  Thankfully, the Dexcom rep was more than happy to accommodate my wishes and placed my order with the new one-time address.  We left Saturday morning and arrived safe and sound in time for dinner.  The kitties travelled so well and were very curious about their new surroundings. 

On Tuesday, the sensors arrived on the front step and I rushed downstairs with them to insert my long-missed accessory.  I had just finished putting it in place when a horrible thought occurred to transmitter was still in the drawer next to my side of the bed at home!  After a few minutes of beating myself up for forgetting it, I called my Mom to see if she could run over to our house, grab it, and mail it to me.  She was more than willing and did so the next day, but unfortunately, it was Christmas Eve and the FedEx store was closed.  With a useless sensor in place and my transmitter 8 hours away, I was thwarted...again.  I knew I'd have to wait until I got home to start using my Dexcom again.     

 photo 12-29-14_zpsa417b2f7.jpg

Today, after a long 23-day hiatus, I am happily reconnected to my Dexcom.  I never want to be disconnected again! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


 photo 12-14-14_zpsed135f0d.jpg

(Blue line drawn for ease of viewing)

My sensor finally died a week ago.  I was contacted by a Dexcom rep about re-ordering but we still don't have the money to buy more.  She also told me that if my sensor ever fails to call Tech Support and they'll replace it free of charge.  I plan to do that in the future!

According to my Dexcom's Success Report, my average blood sugar has been 198, or 8.5% A1C.  We'll see if I can hold onto that through Christmas and New Years for my next appointment.  If that's truly my A1C, that is the best it's ever been since I was diagnosed!  I'm still having quite a few highs, but nothing like what I used to have.  Oy, was I a mess.