Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"If You Want To Follow Me, Turn Around."

Yesterday I was reminded of how God called me to Himself through a dream. Some of you have no idea what this dream was like. Well, here it is.

There was this huge room, with a big table in the middle of it and hundreds of chairs around it. All these people, both friends and strangers, were sitting at the table talking to each other. I was sitting at it, too, and I could see a man walking around the table behind everyone, and tapping them on the shoulder to get their attention. Every time he tapped someone, they got up and followed him out of the room.

Pretty soon, it was my turn. He tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, I knew who he was. It was Jesus, and He said, "Come with Me." I followed Him out of the room and He transported me to an abandoned warehouse-type building that was (oddly enough) built on a beach. We went inside, and He stopped there in the middle of the room, facing the door. I stopped in front of Him, facing the back of the building.

Then my focus turned downward, to both of our bare feet, and He simply told me, "If you want to follow Me, turn around." Then He made me put my feet on His so that I'd face the other way (the way He was facing). Then, the dirt floor became the sandy beach, and I was left standing in His footprints.

Looking back, I can see how God was calling me out of my life of sin and darkness. I'd been living a double life: wearing a mask of happiness to hide the anger and bitterness I had pent up inside me - anger and bitterness that was pointed at God. But God...BUT GOD...in His great love and mercy and patience and grace reached down into my mind and showed me that - if I truly had the desire to live for Him - I needed to turn my life around...that I needed to turn and walk in the opposite direction. He met me in a personalized dream. He used my favorite landscape as the setting (the beach). He used a very simple illustration to make everything clear (turning me around to stand in His footprints). He spoke to me in my mind...not through some outer force...so that my attention would be turned inward, to my soul so that I could see how backward I was.

(Thinking back on it, I should make it clear that I did not actually see His face in the dream. I couldn't make out any features, such as bone structure, eye color, hair color, etc. It was as if, when I looked up at Him, that His face was just a bright light, all white, and when I "realized" who He was, it was as if the sense just came over me and I knew - "This is Jesus.")

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Georgi said...

This is SO cool, hun! :D God is SOO amazing how He works in our lives and reminds us of His blessings of mercy and grace...all in love for us, His children!