Thursday, March 5, 2015

Early Morning Low

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Last night was rough.  Some nights I think I need more Levemir, and some nights I think I need less.  There really wasn't any additional insulin on board from dinner - we ate low carb (steak, broccoli) and had Italian Ice for dessert (with a full bolus).  Gave my Levemir on time and my number dropped to about 100 around 3 am.  I was up at that time anyway because I couldn't fall asleep, and I was checking my Dexcom every so often anyway as I watched my number drop.  I didn't want to fall asleep and wake up low a few minutes later.  So I had 2 glucotabs right before 3 am and watched it go up a little before finally falling asleep. 

A little after 6am my Dexcom gave me the LOW 70 alert.  I popped 4 glucotabs in my mouth and watched in agony as it dipped a little lower.  I restrained myself from gobbling down more glucotabs and kept eyeing my Dexcom every 5 minutes to see what it was doing.  It wasn't until 46 minutes had passed that I saw it start to climb into the 70s.  I fell asleep again (it topped out at 119 around 7:25am) and managed to sleep until about 11:30.  It was up to 179 by then, which is typical at the tail end of my Levemir dose.  A little correction and meal bolus ironed things out, but that was one rough night as far as sleeping goes.

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