Saturday, August 1, 2015

35% Improvement + Updates

As of today, here's where I stand. 
Average BG of 118 = A1C of 5.7 (endo), 5.5 (Dr. B).

 photo 8-1-15 stats_zpsrkdps80b.jpg

Feb - Apr Average BG:  163 (40% in target)
May - Aug Average BG:  117 (75% in target)

 photo 8-1-15 progress_zpsog27ka5m.jpg

To me, this is nothing more than proof that low carb is the way to go.  I never thought I'd see such improvement in my life. 

Also, I've been discussing my diet with other diabetics online and have discovered that I need to be adding more fat to my meals.  I'm probably even eating too much protein but I think if I just add more fat I'll be okay.  I'm really excited because I went searching for some "fat bomb" recipes, and I found a whole bunch I can't wait to try!  (Fat bombs are dessert-like snacks that are made up of healthy fats like coconut oil, peanut butter, cream cheese, and nuts.)   

I can't wait to start my Nutritionist training at the Life Training Institute.  I've been calculating the cost of books on top of tuition and how long it may take me to complete the training course and receive my certification.  Looks like anywhere from 8 months to a year and 4 months is the average time frame for most people.  Cost is about $1,300 altogether so I have some saving/budgeting to do.  But I know this is what I want to pursue because I've really enjoyed giving helpful advice to other diabetics online.  God's given me this gift (diabetes) for a reason and I know helping others will bring Him glory.  I just need some Biblically-based education and I'll be on my way.  :)

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