Thursday, October 6, 2016

I love/hate insurance

Insurance.  Everyone seems to have a love/hate relationship with it.  It's been pretty much great for me this year (except for not covering my holistic doctor) but now BCBS isn't going to be offering policies in my area for next year, so I have to find a new company. 

I love BCBS, and I'm really bummed to see them stop offering plans.  But it's not their fault.  Obamacare has completely messed up the insurance market.   

I'm trying to stock up on as many of my meds as possible in anticipation of high out of pocket costs for the beginning of 2017. 

Did you know that without insurance, I'd have to pay $636.99 for 2 vials of Levemir (2 month supply) and $77.78 for a month supply of my Armour Thyroid meds?  (With insurance, I got them for free today!)
I pay $55 a month for test strips, $13 for syringes, and $ for Apidra (when it's not free).  Not to mention all of my holistic supplements ($250+)! 

How do they expect us to be able to afford to live with these unreasonable prices?  We're not made of money, and I don't appreciate being charged an arm and a leg for medications that keep me alive!

Please, Lord, provide us with another good insurance company next year!   

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