Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Treat A Low Without Rebounding

Last night I got to try out my new treatment for lows.  I purchased a bag of pure dextrose from Amazon and it arrived the other day.  I've heard that dextrose works faster than the glucose in sugar cubes, which I've been using up to this point.  Here's what happened:

At midnight, I went to bed at 130 and took a 1 unit correction of Apidra along with 6 units of Levemir.  At 1:17am I was 107, and at 2am I was 94.  I typically check 2 hours after a correction to make sure it brought me down enough, and last night it did.  I went to sleep until about 4:45am, and checked my Dex to see that he was telling me I was low.  I checked and it said 58.  I hopped out of bed, grabbed the bag of Dextrose and a measuring spoon, and figured out how much I needed to eat.

Graph from Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book

On the bag of dextrose, it told me that 1 tsp = 3g carbs
Since 1g raises my blood sugar by 5mg/dl, that means 3g raises my blood sugar by 15 mg/dl.  I figured that in order to go up to the 80s (30 points) I needed to eat 6g, or 2 tsp.  I waited and tested again at 5:09am and 5:24am.  I was 74, then 80.  So that tells me that my blood sugar rose by 22 points in 36 minutes.  I went back to sleep and woke up at 8am for my Levemir shot.  I was 92.  (I took 5 units this time, as I figure the extra unit at midnight might've been responsible for the low.)  As the graph shows, my number went up and stayed steady after I treated my low.  

If you know how much a single gram of carbohydrate affects you and you don't have a ton of insulin in your system, you can accurately treat lows without rebounding into the 200-300s or higher.  Low carb makes this possible.  The Law of Small Numbers rules.  Fewer carbs = less insulin = smaller mistakes.  It's just common sense.


Rick said...

Dani, I think this would world work for me, if (only if) I could restrain my rage bolus's Yeah I know a rage bolus is a bad habit. I promise.

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Rachel Payne said...

Hey Rick,

I'm sure you could break the rage bolus habit! Your health is worth it!
Thanks for the reference once again!