Thursday, January 8, 2015

Endo Appointment Results

Today's appointment carried mostly good news. 

My A1C has come down, but not by as much as I thought.  At the end of August it was 10.1%, and now it's 9.5%.  I am sad I didn't reach my goal, but maybe in a few months I'll have it down where I want it.

A few things came up in lab work, but nothing bad.  Just my thyroid levels are a bit high, and Carrie wants me to experiment with taking my pill in the morning instead of before bed to see if that helps it work better.   If not, we'll have to increase my dose.

A week and a half ago, I noticed a strange, small, tender bump and I told her about it (lymph node?).  She examined it, then had me get some more blood work done to see if there's any sign of infection (white blood cell count).   She said I could/should also get checked by my primary care Dr in the next few weeks.  

Other than that, just some insulin tweaking and I need to make sure I give insulin right when I eat so I don't go up/spike too high.  She also told me about a discount card I can use to save money on my insulin.  I have a lab work follow up in 6 weeks and I see her again in April. 

Still nauseous today, but no headache.  It's also freezing cold!

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