Friday, March 13, 2015

Struggling to Stay Afloat

I don't know what it is...maybe a combination of things...but this week I've been struggling with my numbers.  Bad insulin (Apidra became cloudy), new insulin (Novolog), eating more carbs than usual, time zone changes...arg! 

I got so frustrated this morning I cried out to God for help. 

My Dexcom has been having trouble picking up my readings.  I ended up changing my sensor yesterday because it went for several hours without showing any numbers.

 photo 3-13-15_zpsgds27wii.jpg

Last night my number went up and, after a correction with Novolog, it only came down half way.  Then it started to go back up as my Levemir trickled off.  I gave a full correction with my meal bolus and now my Dexcom is showing the ??? symbol instead of my number.  It tried to tell me I was LOW 55...but I tested and my glucometer said I was 325...definitely NOT LOW!   

In other news, I have to fight my insurance company to cover my Apidra and Levemir because they want me to use their preferred insulin (Novolog & Lantus).  I'm sorry, but I've been using *their* preferred insulin and they don't do anything for me.  My numbers do not respond to those insulins...I need to use *my* preferred insulins.  I tried to see if I could switch to a different insurance company but apparently open enrollment is closed and I can't switch.  Time to put on my boxing gloves.  Insurance companies do NOT know what their patients need!     

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Megan Diabetic Warrior said...

Yep, currently battling my insurance company over here too!