Monday, November 30, 2015

My First Low Carb Thanksgiving

This year hubby and I celebrated my first low carb Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  His parents and brothers drove down and joined us for a lovely turkey dinner.  Our menu consisted of turkey, green beans, cheesy broccoli, rice dressing, twice baked sweet potatoes, potato salad, a full salad bar, and 2 different gravies - regular cornstarch gravy and my low carb sour cream gravy, which turned out to be pretty yummy!  We had tons of different drinks and desserts too, including my low carb pumpkin pies and lemon cheesecake fat bombs.  (Recipes for both are in the LCHF Recipe tab at the top of the page.)

Between my salad, green beans, and broccoli, there was so much green on my plate I didn't know what to eat!  Everything was so good and my blood sugars managed to stay decent (despite my battles this week with higher numbers). 
  photo 11-26-15_zpsqhvdpp5b.jpg

We now have a ton of leftovers in our new fridge which hubby and I both love because it means he doesn't have to eat sandwiches and bagels for dinner at work and I don't have to cook if I don't feel like it. 

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