Thursday, September 8, 2016


Last week my Dexcom gave me the low transmitter battery alert.  I quickly put in an order for a new one, but I'm still waiting for the diabetes supply company, my endo, and the insurance to process everything.  I'll also be getting a new receiver since my old one is out of warranty.  It's still going strong though so I'll keep using it until it dies.  I can't believe it's lasted me 2 years already with no problems!  :)  I've been really blessed, and I've done my best to take really good care of it.  Guess that means my hard work has paid off. 

I hope to have my new transmitter before we leave on vacation next weekend.  I really hate to be without it.  Thankfully, my low carb lifestyle means I don't have to worry as much about highs and lows all over the place.  I feel completely confident in my ability to keep my blood sugars stabilized.  I just like having the extra constant "vision" my Dexcom gives me.  It makes things so much easier. 

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