Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dreading Thursday

I have to go in for labs today (for my appointment with Carrie on Thursday -- which I'm dreading).  My numbers have been running higher and I'm struggling to figure out why and how to lower them.  My 14-day average is 128 and my 30-day average is 130.  I feel like a complete failure.  I was doing so well before!  Now I'm backsliding and it's driving me crazy!  I don't know what to do.

I have also been stressing about my cat, Yuki, this past weekend.  On Friday, he only ate half the food we fed him throughout the day.  The majority of his time was spent curled up in one napping spot or another.  On Saturday, he didn't eat anything.  On Sunday, he ate a little bit of one meal and drank some water.  On Monday, he still wasn't eating much so I took him to the vet to find out what was wrong.  During the physical exam, he let the vet know that his temperature was slightly elevated and his abdomen was in pain.  We opted to have an X-ray and blood work done to rule out any organ issues (she mentioned pancreatitis) or foreign objects.  Blood work came back fine, only showing a little dehydration.  The X-ray showed some gas buildup in his colon and some constipation.  They did an enema, gave him fluids, antibiotics, and anti-nausea meds, as well as a take-home supply of laxatives.  They confirmed that he was looking better after the enema with a second X-ray and I took him home to rest.  He was a bit out of it last night and only ate one meal, but this morning he seems to be getting his energy back.  He's been eating and drinking more, which is amazing!  And he's been snuggling with me too.  He even went with Haru out into the hall with me while I was doing laundry.  I'm so relieved my furbaby is doing better.  We were both so worried about him.   

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Rick Phillips said...

I suspect the edno visit will be great. Having an average Blood sugar of 130 is not a failure. I think your visit will rock. Now the kitty-kat? I can not comment on that one. My dog will not let me.